Vanquish Guitars for 2019

  Vanquish guitars of Peterborough , Cambridgeshire have been in in exsistance for quite a while now , quietly building some of the finest guitars on the international marhet today. They aint cheap but they are worth every penny you will spend on them as Adrian spends hours on perfecting every detail of the guitarContinue reading “Vanquish Guitars for 2019”

Vincent Cleroux Semi Acoustic

These fine guitars are handcrafted by Vincent in Canada a pupil and then workshop luthier of Stephen Marchione in Houston Texas. Vincent had a very fruitful tenure with Stephen in which the master imparted a great deal of knowledge and advice to the then novice luthier. The result of his time served is a fineContinue reading “Vincent Cleroux Semi Acoustic”

Mambo Jazz Amps

These British built jazz amplifier a are now being stocked by, handbuilt in the UK to exacting standards and for under £800 pounds (excluding carraige) Please get in touch on or ring me on 07727 230342 Please check this exhaustive test on Mambo amplifiers out by the Dutchbopper blog, highly entertaining and informative,Continue reading “Mambo Jazz Amps”