Vanquish Guitars for 2019


Vanquish guitars of Peterborough , Cambridgeshire have been in in exsistance for quite a while now , quietly building some of the finest guitars on the international marhet today.

They aint cheap but they are worth every penny you will spend on them as Adrian spends hours on perfecting every detail of the guitar his meticulous nature shines through on his finished guitars.

Shape, finish, profile, electrics some of the hardware he manufactures himself as he is that much of a perfoctionist.

Cliche warning ! he does spend hours selecting his tonewoods and researching new sustainable woods and techniques for combining and getting the most from his raw materials.

Adrian wants spend his time building and innovating so I will be working on the sales and promotion side of things for him.

I have with me some of his guitars for sale and sample in Essex , so please feel free to contact me for a trial or a build quote.

This year I would like to see the British guitar playing public concentrating on home grown builders , not just for my benefit but for the benefit of the wonderful group of highly talented luthiers in the UK that unfortunaley have to look to overseas to sell thier outstanding work, that would love to see thier work being used more readily in thier home market.

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