Alnico 5


Thanks for dropping by, Alnicofive is constantly changing in looks and who is representing. I am a one man band I don’t have a vast budget for designers so I have to do this bit by myself.
Which must be a terrible annoyance for some of you.

With in this site i have a displayed above Damien Probett, of (Probett Guitars) and Jack Briggs of Briggs Guitars.

Barry Grezbik (Grez Guitars) has been with me for over a year and proved to be very good in the UK and Europe.

A newcomer is (Stahman Guitars) of whom I like very much along with (Ergon) Guitars cover the avant garde. (Vanquish Guitars ) of the UK and (Tonfuchs) and Germany and newcomer (FSC Guitars) cover the gigging working musician aspect with outstanding workhorse builds.

Talking of British built (633 Amplification) is among the top guitar amplifier builders in the world Cliff Browns background and expertise is second to none.

(Bill Harden) is a mate of mine and a fine avant garde builder you must view his work I have a Broncobuster in the Uk, its stunning.

Jazz is covered by the Great (Stephen Marchione) , (Fibonacci )and (Ales Erman) and newcomer (Vincent Cleroux)